Grocery Assistant - Eucalyptus - Printable PDF - US LETTER

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Grocery Assistant - Eucalyptus - Printable PDF - US LETTER

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Do you ever wish you could remember what the best price per unit is for each of your commonly bought grocery and household items? Do you wonder if this week’s sale price is the best price to stock your pantry up at? Did you realize that the ‘store brand’ isn’t always cheaper per unit than a ‘brand name’ product when it’s on sale?

If you have ever wondered any of these things, then you need the ultimate tool for busy moms looking to save money on their grocery purchases! 

Introducing the Printable Family Grocery Assistant - Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to smart shopping with our printable PDF Grocery Price Book. This invaluable resource allows you to easily track the best price per unit of your commonly bought grocery and household items, ensuring you stock up when prices are at their lowest and your budget allows. Get ready to take charge of your grocery shopping and maximize your savings!


  1. Be able to track the best price per unit of commonly bought grocery items such as cereals, canned goods, cleaning supplies, and more.
  2. Say goodbye to overspending and hello to smart shopping with a Grocery Price Book
  3. Easily identify when the advertised sale prices hit their lowest point, ensuring you never miss out on a great deal.
  4. No more second-guessing or missed opportunities - this tool empowers you to save money and make the most out of your grocery budget.


  1. 36 Pre-Made Categorized Pages
  2. Enter your Grocery Item in column 1
  3. Record up to three stores that you shop at, for each Grocery Item in column 2
  4. Record a size, price and price per unit for each of the three stores for each Grocery Item
  5. Do a simple calculation to determine your price per unit


Use for your items you ALWAYS buy, not every single item on your grocery trip every time you shop. Do not track those special, one-time purchases.

1. Print out the category pages relevant to the grocery and household items you commonly purchase. With a few extra pages for misc items

2. Hole punch and place in a binder or duotang OR place on a clipboard

3. Go grocery shopping

4. When you get home, take a quick scan of the items you buy ALL the time. IN PENCIL - record the store you bought them at, the price you paid and the size of the container TODAY.

5. CALCULATE - Take the price you paid, divided by the size of the container or # of items in the package. ($6.99 for 12 apple sauce pouches works out too $0.58/pouch) OR price divided by size multiplied by 100 ($6.99 for a 1.2kg box of cereal is $0.58 per 100grams of cereal)

6. Next time you buy that item, if you know you got a better price, or it was on sale, or you bought a different size. Then do a quick calculation with your new price and size, then erase the old info and input the new BETTER, LOWER price per unit. 

*If the price isn't lower than last time, then DO NOT enter it. Easy Peasy. 

6. NOW, over time you will start to generate data showing you the lowest price you have ever paid, and you will easily start to recognize when you should buy that specific item when its advertised on sale, or being sold in bulk in a good price per unit.


The Printable Family Grocery Assistant price book is going to be a game-changer for the budget conscious family. By having a clear overview of price trends, you can make informed decisions about when to buy, allowing you to save money and stay within your budget.

Get tracking and start saving money today!

What You'll Receive

This listing is for a single PDF Document in US Letter (8.5”x11” size) featuring a total of 38 pages

Instant PDF Download: Conveniently access the planner digitally, allowing you to print out more copies whenever you need more

  1. Pre-made categories: Keep your price book organized and tidy by using the pre-built categories spread out over 36 pages!
  2. Customizable tracker pages. One completely blank so you can add the category name of your choice. One generic “grocery price” tracker page
  3. Comes in US Letter size 8.5”x11” PDF document - resize to a smaller size of your choosing if you desire using your printer

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  • Yes, you can. Although please keep in mind this is not a digital planner and does not feature hyperlinking, or fillable text fields
  • All printers will print at varying qualities. This document is formatted for black/white/grayscale printing.